Friday, July 22, 2005


Hello, and welcome to my brand new blog. I've tried blogging in the past, but it hasn't been a successful experiment. It's time that I started writing about something that I care about and there are already plenty of blogs about roller skating, so thusly, social justice is the topic of choice.

Seriously, social justice is a topic that is very important to me, though perhaps not for the same reasons it is important to so many churches today. I'm trying to reconcile social justice with what I read in the Bible and, honestly, my own personal opinions.

I would also like to add the disclaimer that I currently don't believe that social justice should be a pursuit of the church. I say this because I want all of my readers (ok, maybe both of my readers) to understand my mindset as I begin this critical journey. Perhaps, through prayer, research and dialog, I will come to a different conclusion.

Thanks for reading my blog.


grey said...

Welcome. looking forward to what you have to say...

Anonymous said...

The church is Christ's presence in this world. Christ pursued a just society. That was the image of heaven that he described.

I respectfully disagree with your basic premise. As I read it, you think that churches should not talk about matters of this world. That saddens me, as I think that is what Christ wanted us to do: to apply his love to the least among us, and bring heaven into this world.

Ben said...

i think its funny that as i was thinking to myself "i wonder just what he means by 'social justice'" also thinking to myself how terms can be so vacuuous as to contain everything and nothing at all, that when I clicked your link 'what i mean by social justice', I was met with an empty page. ha ha