Friday, November 11, 2005

Christians and Politics

It seems that many Christians want to see America return to its "moral foundations." Yet, as seemingly wonderful as a "Christian" nation would be, if it were simply a political victory that enforces rules of better behavior, it would be empty.

How often do we hear that political triumph over the enemies of godliness is the best strategy? Yet, a political solution is a merely a sidetrack. It tempts us to shift our eyes away from what must be the focus of true followers: concern for the lost and for the growth of believers in Jesus.

It’s easy to become distracted or to believe we are doing our Christian duty by marching, politicking, protesting, and supporting groups that do these things. However, it may distract us from our most important duty of glorifying God through Christlikeness and an unwavering commitment to the eternal destinies of friends and enemies alike.

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