Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Writer's Block

I wanted to make a new post today so i could bump that hideous STOP story down a few notches, but nothing came to mind. I have a terrible case of writer's block. So, rather than write nothing, I'm writing about my writer's block.

I don't know how often you have to write in your personal life, but it's pretty much what I do all day long. (Not on Xanga or blogger, but for my job as coordinator of The Creel Institute, a teaching and training division of The Strategy Group LLC)

If you're ever stuck with writer's block just start writing about anything. Even writer's block for example! However, if you're really, really stuck, a great way to start writing is to visit Wikipedia and click on "Random Article." Just start writing about whatever pops up.

My random article was about: Parchive.
Parchive (or parity volume set archive) is an error-correction system that can be applied to a collection of files to allow recovery when one or more of the files is lost. It was designed to be used on Usenet for transmission of large files such as movies. It is implemented using Reed-Solomon error correction. (OK, so it's not foolproof.)

Comment with your random article!

Well, now that I've cured my writer's block, it's time to make money for the company. Peace.


grey said...

i just recently took a stab at breaking through my writers block on my blog. i had stopped writing because life got complicated but also because i couldn't silence the internal critics enough. after a few quasi-successful posts, i got all locked up thinking about what people wanted me to write and forgot to just write.

oh and wikipedia turned up: Stephen John Sutton, born 1964, is an Australian man who has been imprisoned in Argentina, accused of drug trafficking in 2003.


Ben said...

When I was running low on things to read as well as feeling a little dumb for not reading more often, I bought a book called "Stupidity" by Avital Ronell. Its this academic, scholarly take on the ways the topic has been addressed by thinkers throughout history and often they thought about the topic when they had writer's block - and so - wrote about it (writer's block and feeling stupid). They turned out to show themselves to be incredibly brilliant and creative all at once, by embracing their obstacle. I haven't finished the book b/c its quite dense, but someday...
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