Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A holistic community of worship and ministry…

Thanks everyone for your insight on the last post. I’m still unsure of what I need to do, but I will continue to be in prayer and I ask for the same from you.

Something I do know is that creating an alternative worship gathering is too small. I don’t want to gather a bunch of people (or a small group) together for a big worship hootenanny and then go our separate ways. I think that misses the point of what “church” is about.

It’s no wonder that so many people today can be “religious” without becoming part of a church. What is church today? It’s a building we go once to three times a week to a worship service. A simple Google Image search for the word “church” will reveal that truth!

What if we changed our definition of church? Or rather, what if we went back to the original definition of church – a holistic community of worship and ministry?

What if our churches became more than gatherings? What if they became holistic (influencing peoples’ spiritual, physical and emotional needs) communities of worship and ministry? Wouldn’t that be something people want to be a part of? Wouldn’t that atmosphere restore the importance and influence of the Church?

The Church is precious and essential to living a fulfilling life in Christ. So let's reclaim the church. Let's reclaim it with our language and our attitude. However, greater than that, let's strive to transform our local congregations into churches!

Who's with me?


David U said...

I'm all about that, bro! Great post!


KSullie said...

im with you!

Sam said...

I with you buddy. I have thought that way for a long time. What makes this so hard is that so often we bring our consumer mentalities into the church. We are all about convenience, efficiancy, & personal comfort. Those are not the goals of a holistic community, but that is what people want. However, it is my belief that in the few instances where these groups are found, the people are so much more personally fulfilled because their desire is to serve as opposed to a desire for fulfillment. We must desire to serve Christ first, others second, & ourselves last. That is what make His church what it is supposed to be.

Sam said...

*I am with you, buddy. Leave it to me to sound retarded right outta the gate!

Todd Ramsey said...

Haha. I didn't even notice.

In my church we will accept even you, with your grammatical mistypes and all!

KSullie said...

i noticed right away...retard

take the wheel said...

I'm sorry, but I got a comment from you on one of my blogs, and I was just wondering how you found my page...but thanks for the comment, as you could see no one else ever comments. So it was refreshing to know that somebody reads my mindless babble.