Monday, April 10, 2006

On more AD post...

This Maeby my last post on the loveable Bluths...

Check out this MSNBC Commentary about Arrested Development.

Maybe it was time for the show to bow out, after all. Where would we go from here? How could Michael return to his family without turning from long-suffering and loyal to a simple glutton for punishment? And what would be funny about George Michael and Maeby in a normal teenage relationship? No, “Arrested Development” has developed as far as it can, and I can accept that, let go and look forward to new shows from the people responsible. Still, there’s a Pismo Beach motel called the Blue Seal I pass frequently, and it always makes me think “Ah yes, Lucille.” - Wendell Wittler

While I could've enjoyed several more seasons of the show, I have to agree that it's best to not drag it out.

Farewell Bluths.

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