Monday, April 17, 2006

Just ask "Why?"

In marketing, it’s essential to ask, “Why are we doing what we’re about to do” before any campaign, project or promotion. That seems obvious and simple, but if you look at some billboards, television and radio ads, promotional giveaways and newspaper ads, it becomes obvious that many organizations fail to ask the question.

I believe that churches should take this same strategic approach to everything that they do. Church attendance is dwindling, emerging generations are not coming into contact with God and the post-Christian environment is hostile towards modern Christianity. Something’s got to change.

We need to step back, look at what we’re doing and ask “why?” Why do we preach 30-minute sermons? Why do we have sermons? Why do we do communion the way we do it? Why do we have small groups? Why do spend $X on X?

This process isn’t fun, easy or safe, but it is essential if we’re going to be relevant in this generation.

So, even though we all attend different churches in different states, (for the most part anyway) let’s get the conversation started.

Today’s topic:
Why sermons?


Brett Keller said...

And an over-emphasis on education/learning as opposed to service.

Sharon said...

Because if you've got a great pastor, it's the best part of the service.

(Although if you've got a boring pastor, it's when I start to subtly pull out my bible and do some self-study... ;))

Rees said...

i don't know...

good question... i guess because david mathews is a relational speaker that motivates me to learn more (he relates to younger christians). but why others - to bore us with christianity. to tell us the same thing over and over and push young christians away from church. why not have an assembly for the youth group/college/young professionals seperate from the old fogies? i don't know. why ask why? try bud dry.

Sharon said...

'Nother thought. In university, the best classes are always the ones where the professor includes the class and allows for discussion. Why do pastors feel the need to "preach"? Especially when they have a smaller congregation where discussion is possible?